Allow me to reintroduce myself

Sports fans, I am thrilled to relaunch my website and give you all a look into the wacky world of Lovi Sports.

While my website will feature all sorts of content, from my coverage of local high school sports to my hot takes on the professional leagues and its athletes, I will begin my reemergence with what I am calling, "The Fantasy Football Wizard" column.

Having had much success in fantasy football leagues over the past decade, including two titles and three finals appearances in six years in my league of note, Monday Morning Tears (hey fellas), my friends often turn to me for advice. Whether it be offseason insight, weekly lineup advice or even helping them over the phone through the draft process (đź‘€ Mothman), my friends seek my help.

Dubbed "The Fantasy Football Wizard" by my friend Mothman, I've taken the moniker and ran with it, providing my magical fantasy football advice to those in need.

Now, you will be able to utilize my mystical knowledge as well.

In my weekly column, I will pass along interesting tidbits, notes and strategies for all of you to use. Additionally, I have a button on my home page that links to a questionnaire, where you can ask me any fantasy football related question, and I will answer them in my column.

You can ask me non-fantasy football related questions too, I just probably won't answer them, but then again you never know.

The FFW column will appear every Wednesday, so check back for it. Also, I'll soon be adding all the other interesting content I create on a daily basis.

Without further ado, allow me to reintroduce my self my name is Lov, L-to-the-O-V!

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